Getting Started

Design Consultation – The first step

We start with a one hour Design Consultation at your home. Your landscape designer meets with you for a lively discussion about your property, what works, what problems need to be solved, and your goals and objectives.  Not sure what you want?  No worries, we’re good at asking questions to help you think about your options. As trained professionals we quickly assess your property and brainstorm new ideas with you. Our style is informative and provides valuable insights about your property. Although it may seem premature, we often ask about budget during the consultation to assist you in the prioritization of your goals.

We follow up the consultation with a written detailed Design Proposal which captures the scope of your project and the related cost for design work.  The Design Consultation is billed at a flat rate and includes the written Design Proposal.

For some, a consultation is all that is necessary or you may want our maintenance services to help with your current garden.

For others, they’re ready to embark on the next step by signing the Design Proposal and starting the design process.

Questions to ask yourself before your Design Consultation

What are my current vs. future needs with my outdoor space?

What are my existing views, either to screen (neighbors, utility poles, intersections) or to celebrate?

Do I need fencing for privacy, safety or structure?

What is the current accessibility – can I safely get to where I want to go on my property?

What is my timeframe in this house?  Do I have a deadline event?

What is my family composition?  Do I need playsets, play space, adult entertaining, quiet space, a garden refuge, or space for pets?

What is my budget?  Do I want to install everything all at once, or will I phase the installation over a couple of years?

What is my taste in style?  Symmetry, formality, organic, English cottage, Japanese, contemporary?

Drawn Design Plan—Do you need one?

Perhaps. We want to match our services to your needs. For example, one of our landscape designers can draw a quick design sketch with plant material suggestions during the Design Consultation when a simple upgrade is desired. However, a more complicated and thoughtful Design Plan can take 15 to 40 hours of a designer’s time to synthesize and draw, looking similar to an architect’s plan. During the consultation process we will explore the best options for moving forward with your budget in mind.

Design pricing – how much will the Master Plan cost?

The cost of a typical Master Plan can range from $800 to $4,500 depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

Your written Design Proposal received after the Design Consultation states the price for the drawn Master Plan only.  Pricing the installation follows later in the process once many decisions have been made.  Once you approve the Design Proposal, the design work begins.

Where we work

Many of our clients are in Brookline, Newton, Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury or within a 1-hour radius of Boston. However, we will consider projects outside of this area—please contact us to discuss your project.


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