What Are These Birch Trees Going To Be When They Grow Up?

Sometimes you see something and wonder “huh?”  What was the landscape designer thinking? Or not thinking….  Probably your first thought was, where are these trees going to go once they reach maturity?  If the trees survive past next month (since they are placed under the roof line and so how will they get watered?), what is the long term plan?

Given the penchant of plants to grow towards the source of light, these trees may very well become diagonally-oriented over the years and create an intriguing geometrical shape away from the inner wall.  On the other hand, they may just become stunted and decline as they seek light and rain.  Either way, the current beautiful line will be lost.

Is design about in-the-moment satisfaction and looks, or is it the long-term, over-time cultivation and nurturing of living beings to create joy and beauty and enrichment in our lives?  For me, I think about the long-term success of garden plants and try to give plants a leg up from the beginning.

No matter what, remember to think about light and space requirements for the optimal growth of the plant – it’s never fun to have to rip out a plant that just isn’t suited for the space you put it in.