The Food Project: Building Raised-Bed Gardens in Boston and Lynn

Build-a-Garden is a program designed to get more people to grow their own food in Boston and Lynn. The Food Project will build a raised bed garden and provide the support needed to grow food successfully. Raised beds have many benefits: they can be built on pavement or on top of contaminated soil; it is easy to learn how to grow food in them; and they can be planted intensively to produce lots of food in a small space.

The Food Project will provide:

• A raised bed garden filled with healthy, safe soil at a home or organization

• Seeds, transplants, and a Growing Guide

• Free workshops, newsletters and consultations 

Eligibility: All Boston and Lynn residents are encouraged to apply. No prior gardening experience is necessary.  Priority is given to:

• Residents of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Jamaica Plain, East Boston and Lynn

• Applicants with financial need

The Food Project has a pay what you can system:

The cost of materials and labor to install one raised bed is $250. Participants are expected to pay as much as they can toward the full cost. The Food Project strives to make this program accessible to all by honoring a pay what you can system; however, a minimum contribution of $10 for households and $25 per bed for organizations is required.

For more information, please contact the Build-a-Garden Coordinator:

By phone: 617-442-1322 x12
By email: