Taking the Curse off the Driveway: Creative Design Solutions to Parking the Car

Let’s face it: parking is mundane, banal, boring, bland, bromidic, tedious, trite, irksome…but oh so functional, and completely necessary for the majority of us living here in the greater Boston area.

How exciting is it then, when you encounter a driveway and/or parking area that is constructed of materials other than asphalt? 

Suddenly a parking pad becomes a stone tapestry that doubles as an enjoyable outdoor patio; a carport becomes an aesthetically appealing, multi-functional architectural element used for both parking and nifty floating trellises.

Car port:  design © Sylvester Damianos

Certainly, it’s these little things in  life that delight me. In my book there’s nothing wrong with paying homage to the “well-built” environment.

Brick herringbone pattern with cobblestones.

Peastone surrounded by brick.