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SOUTHERN SPAIN – come visit with me

Welcome to Southern Spain – and the famous Alhambra.  I visited in March this year while on a biking tour.  The Alhambra is a city on a hill within Granada and is surrounded by a wall.  It houses one of the best preserved Moorish palaces in Spain and its gardens are renowned.  The mix of rectangles and arches lends a design complexity that is dynamic yet soothing. And the use of water in many forms adds vitality and coolness in an area that reaches 110 F in the summer.

As a lover of mixing angles and curves in my designs, I fell in love with all the arches and columns, especially the way they frame views and pique excitement as your view changes dramatically going from one garden room to another.  It reminded me of the Japanese use of gates to frame garden views.  But here, the emphasis is more on paved surfaces, tiles, water features and not verdant greenery.  Check out my next post about the use of flower pots!