Show-Stopping Plants: Julie Campbell, Design Associate

These are some of the plants that stop me in my tracks, regardless of what I ’m doing (driving, talking on the phone with a client, heading to a meeting, walking around the neighborhood…) and persuasively beckon  me to record their undeniable beauty on film.

(Cedrus atlantica glauca pendula)

Trained with care and extremely well-suited to their site, these plants  subtly gloat that they have hit it out of the ballpark, scored a touchdown, and/or made a hat trick. And they have. Being a self-described plant-nerd, it gladdens me to no end when someone captures, comprehends and exceeds the notion of “right plant, right place.” 

(‘Knock Out’ roses)

Here are a few plants that I have come across in my travels that I feel deserve a standing ovation. Thank you mystery designers, homeowners, gardeners and plantspeople for your stewardship in planting and caring for these incredible specimens as they are truly a joy to encounter!

             Container with pink mandevilla, white impatiens, sweet potato vine and bacopa

Viburnum in all its glory

Metasequoia at the Public Gardens

Trained beech privacy hedge

 Albizia (mimosa tree with pink flowers)