Seasonal Containers by Julie Campbell, Design Associate

Who ate the calendar?…Meaning: where on earth has the time gone??  Weren’t we just augmenting August gardens with colorful and productive annuals?? Who’d have thought that the holidays would be almost upon us and *literally* right around the corner.

With the leaves coming down and the trees almost fully defoliated, now is the ideal time to start planning your seasonal outdoor containers. Well- selected cut plants will weather the colder temperatures and infuse your landscape with additional color and pizzaz.

To me, nothing is more beautiful during this season of harvest than Winterberry, or Ilex verticillata. (I think the birds would agree with me on this, too!)

By the seashore, against a stonewall, as decoration on the Thanksgiving table, or in a container by the front door, winterberry is the ideal late-fall, early-winter shrub. Consider planting an Ilex verticillata in the landscape so that you can enjoy harvesting the boughs that will make your seasonal, decorative containers pop.

Other plants to consider incorporating into your landscape for winter container use: Red-twig dogwood, Yellow-twig dogwood, Curly willow/ Corkscrew willow, Harry Lauder’s walking stick and many more.

Extend the beauty of your outdoor spaces into the winter months with seasonal containers!