Artfully Expanding the Outdoor Living Space by Julie Campbell, Design Associate

It’s no secret that living space is generally at a premium in the greater Boston area. Did you know that patios are a terrific way to increase your square footage by expanding upon your outdoor living area? 

A well-designed patio has the power to pull you out of your home and into the great wide world during all four seasons; yes folks, *ALL*  four seasons… continue to grill and entertain during the cooler days of fall, wrap up in a cozy fleece blanket and pull up some chairs surrounding the chiminea during the cold winter months (generous mugs of hot chocolate definitely required! ), grill fresh salmon with vegetables in the spring, reach for your favorite book and bask in the sun during the lazy, hazy days of summer. These enjoyable outdoor possibilities are endless!

Patios are a great place for friends, pets, book club readings, business meetings, intimate dinners, social gatherings, play dates, dates for parents of those who playdate, family reunions, etc. Consider a stone seating wall to increase outdoor seating without having to rely on additional bulky furniture. Insert a stainless steel grill in said wall, and Voila!, an outdoor kitchen is born.

It’s never too early to start planning masonry projects that add considerable and lasting value to your home. Fall is the best time to begin!

Sentimental slate repurposed for homeowner’s new patio.