Jina Magiera

Landscape Architect/Designer

Jina began learning about gardens early in life from her Mom in farm country Illinois. Jina studied Ornamental Horticulture at the University of Illinois and Landscape Architecture at the Harvard School of Design. A registered Landscape Architect, Jina has more than 30 years of experience working as a Designer, Architect and Project Manager. Over those years, Jina has worked with large and small firms and has also had her own business.

Not limited to one style of design or one type of job, Jina’s repertoire includes public spaces  like the Dover Library, office space, and many private homes both suburban and urban, inside and out. Though she is enthusiastic about all aspects of design, Jina especially loves plants and enjoys finding the right plant palette for each design. She believes that a garden should be experiential on many levels. She is always sure to add color and fragrance to her designs.

Jina prides herself on working collaboratively with clients to create beauty. She describes herself as a “fixer” and an outdoor problem solver who loves to put things in just the right place. “Sitting with happy clients in their new space is a high,” says Jina. “We build things that last a lifetime.”