Christie Dustman


“Plants are some of my best friends,” says Christie Dustman, lifelong gardener and lover of plants, people and outdoor spaces.

For nearly two decades, Christie has grown her company from a solo-operator to over ten employees offering a wide range of expertise in garden design, installation and maintenance. She has established hundreds of gardens in the Boston area that continue to flourish and delight their owners. “A job well done is when my clients fall in love with their gardens and enjoy them,” says Christie.

Showcased on the Company’s web portfolio, a Christie Dustman Garden is bold yet detailed in style, with a balance of practicality and innovation. She has a passion for conifers, often incorporated into her designs as living sculptures. Favoring elements of Japanese design such as stone, clarity of focal points, and attention to detail, the garden becomes a living work of art.

Christie’s study of creative design, expert pruning and garden maintenance includes training from The Landscape Institute at the Boston Architectural College, UMass Extension’s Green school, and countless educational seminars. Coupled with her gardening passion, she has grown Christie Dustman & Company into an award-winning firm that values innovative design, practical solutions, superior plants and expert plant care. Christie has a gift for keen listening and tailors every project to the needs and taste of her clients.

Christie Dustman talks about architectural landscape design, her love of gardening and her interesting life path that resulted in finding her true passion, creating spaces that bring calm and serenity into her clients lives.


Holding the following four certifications in horticulture and design, Christie has proven her expertise in the landscape industry:

  • Massachusetts Certified Landscape Professional (MCLP)
  • Certified Organic Land Care Professional (AOLCP)
  • Nationally Accredited Professional Landscape Designer (APLD), one of nine in Massachusetts
  • Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist (MCH)


Christie has had articles published in the Newton and Brookline Magazines, and has been featured in the Boston Globe Magazine, New England Design and in PeoplePlacesPlants magazine. Her personal garden and other design commissions have been highlighted on garden tours including the National Garden Conservancy tour in 2014. Christie delights in sharing her expertise, teaching design at the Arnold Arboretum and most recently offering plant-focused “Walks and Talks” at the Allandale Farm garden center. As an expert Aesthetic Pruner, Christie can be found lecturing on proper pruning and working with her clients in their garden, one snip at a time.