Monthly Archives: June 2010

Using Sky Real-Estate, or Upright and Uptight is the Way to Go

Ok, so I do have a love affair with upright and uptight plants.  In smaller gardens, air space needs some volume – so let’s go up.  Let’s compare three similar plants today that grow tall and skinny. 

I started out using Ilex crenata “Sky Pencil”.  This is a Japanese Holly that looks good when you first buy it but it just can’t hack winters.  It starts to lose inner branches and look flea-bitten.  Out with you.  Continue reading

One woman’s treasure . . . is invasive to another!

The definition of an invasive plant has changed through the years: many of our common ornamental plants, trees and shrubs which we have loved for decades have been declared invasive since they are choking out or can choke out our native species. (Click image to view full size) Continue reading