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What Are These Birch Trees Going To Be When They Grow Up?

Sometimes you see something and wonder “huh?”  What was the landscape designer thinking? Or not thinking….  Probably your first thought was, where are these trees going to go once they reach maturity?  If the trees survive past next month (since they are placed under the roof line and so how will they get watered?), what is the long term plan?

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It’s Sitting Down Daisies

Ok, so this is a bit outlandish, but what’s not to love about Daisy chairs and that big fat round Boxwood?  This vignette was an entry at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show in London.  The Chelsea Flower Show is world-renowned and attracts 157,000 visitors with local and international exhibitors from countries as far away as the USA, Barbados, Sri Lanka, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Australia, Jamaica, South Africa, Trinidad & Tobago, Hong Kong, India and Zimbabwe. There are around 600 exhibitors in total with over 100 floral exhibitors.  Each display seeks to shake up the plant and garden world.  And wouldn’t this do just that at your house?  Continue reading

SOUTHERN SPAIN – Monoculture

The countryside in Southern Spain is rolling hills with millions of olive trees.  The silvery green foliage of the olives mixes with the dusty orange soil and the greenish grey lichen on the rocks.  What a color palette.  Riding by these rows and rows of Olive trees was fascinating.  There is something beautiful about the simplicity of a monoculture (planting of only one plant), yet some blocks of Olives were several hundred years old with gnarled trunks and some were brand new fields of lithe trees.  Upon closer inspection, there was variety.  Continue reading